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Ugwuanyi an epitome of peace in Enugu State ~Owo Community

Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi



The people of Ndiagu Owo in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State have described the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as the best thing that has happened to the state in recent times.

The people who poured out their hearts in appreciation of the Governor recently in a Press Statement dated Tuesday, August 3, 2021, described Ugwuanyi’s disposition for peace in Enugu State as “legendary.”

Ndiagu Owo under the aegies of Ndiagu Owo Development Union are happy that the governor has “relieved us of the plight, horror and torture” they have been passing through.

They said that because of the peace initiative of Governor Ugwuanyi, “our people ceased every action likely to cause any breach of the peace in Owo” community.


In a release jointly signed on behalf of Ndiagu Owo Development Union by Mr. Michael Mbah, President, Tochukwu Henry Eze, Secretary, and Kingsley Ogbu, PRO, respectively, the people called the attention of the governor to what they referred to as Ashishi Owo’s “flagrant disobedience to the Governor’s directive,” at the peace meeting between them and the Governor at Enugu Government House recently.

The house before governor’s directive to bring it down

They claim that some Ashishi Owo people at a meeting of “Oha Owo” held on Monday, August 2, 2021, boasted that the governor lacks the authority to direct on how to administer Owo land, and that they were no longer pulling down the house they illegally built on Ndiagu Owo land, which they only demolished halfway.

They further stated that Ashishi people at the same meeting of August 2, were dropping the name of Barr Peter Mbah who also hails from Ashishi whom they said would upturn everything Gov Ugwuanyi would do when he (Mr. Mbah) becomes Governor of Enugu State in 2023.

They urged governor Ugwuanyi not to relent in his untiring efforts to entrench enduring peace in Owo community in particular and Enugu state in general.

The house partly demolished.

Parts of the press statement read: “With profound gratitude in our hearts, we the good people of Ndiagu Owo in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State, wish to thank the amiable Governor of Enugu State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for restoring peace to our community.


“His Excellency, your prompt intervention in the matter between us, Igwe Okeke Arum and some people from Ashishi Owo, has relieved us or the plight, horror and torture we were passing through under Igwe Okeke Arum of Mbulu Owo Autonomous Community and his cohorts from Ashishi Owo. By this gesture, His Excellency, we can now sleep with our two eyes closed.

“Your peace building efforts in Enugu State is legendary.

“According to your peaceable charge to us on July 28, 2021, our people ceased every action likely to cause any breach of the peace in Owo.

“Furthermore, in obedience to Your Excellency’s directive, on Monday, August 2, 2021, we sent a four man delegation comprising of Charles Agbo, Christopher Njoku, Godwin Nnamani, and Matthew Okafor – Egbo, to join Ashishi Owo’s delegation to inform Oha Owo that His Excellency has resolved the disputes.

“To our surprise, Ashishi Owo came with a crowd numbering over 15 people as against 4 as directed.


“Again, Ashishi people denied before Oha Owo that His Excellency has settled the issues, and rather told Owo people that no matter has been settled, and that the Governor’s instruction was that Ndiagu Owo land should be shared between Ashishi and Ndiagu.

“One Fidelis Agbowo from Ashishi Owo was emphatic in stating that His Excellency the Governor, cannot come from Nsukka and determine how Owo land should be administered. Mr. Michael Agbowo corroborated Fidelis Agbowo’s falsehood by adding that the Governor asked them to “go to the village and settle this matter.”

“As at the moment of sending this statement, the house they built on our land which His Excellency asked them to pulldown was only demolished halfway, and they said nobody should touch it anymore.

“Similarly, they are still adamant on leaving the portion of our farm land which they forcefully cultivated, of which His Excellency the Governor asked them to vacate.

“They (Ashishi Owo people) are going about Owo boasting that His Excellency, Governor Ugwuanyi’s tenure remains just one year and some months and that whatever action he takes against their wish shall be upturned by their brother, Barr Peter Mbah, when he becomes Governor in 2023.


“It will be recalled that when we approached Barr Peter Mbah as one of Owo elites to intervene over the trespass on our land by some Ashishi Owo people, he set up a committee headed by his Personal Assistant, Mr. Tony Nwankwo, and included a Surveyor, Mr. Julius Nshiodo from Ashishi Owo, who went into our land on two occasions with surveying equipment before we stopped him. Ever since this happened, nothing is heard from Mr. Peter Mbah towards amicable resolution of the matter till date.

“Today Tuesday, August 3, in flagrant disobedience to the Governor’s directive, Francis Edeaga of Mbulu Owo Autonomous Community went into the land to harvest palm fruits with a threat to kidnap the catechist (one of the delegates to Govt House on July 28) who told him that the Governor instructed that people who are not from Ndiagu Owo should not trespass on the land. Another person, Ejiofor from Ashishi Owo equally went into the land today to cultivate and plant some crops.

“The Oha Owo on their part decided that due to conflicting accounts between us and Ashishi Owo, as caused by misrepresentation of facts by the Ashishi people, they will send a delegation to Enugu Government House to meet with the governor with a view to ascertaining the correct position of Government.

“His Excellency Sir, we thank you once more for your disposition for peace which we are benefiting from. We passionately appeal to Your Excellency not to relent in leaving a legacy of enduring peace in Enugu State” the statement concluded.

Source – GMTNews


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  1. Done

    August 4, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    That means the Peter mbah knows what is going on in that community but decided to pretending until he become the governor so that that he can collect the land and share to his people, please I urged governor ugwuanyi to do the needful before it becomes too late now he has The power, because this people will suffer it Peter mbah become the governor of Enugu State, infact Enugu State as a whole will suffer because Owo people especially that ( ASHISH OWO ) they’re very bad and wicked people, we pray governorship don’t enter their hand because Enugu State must suffer.

    • Ajai

      August 5, 2021 at 7:08 am

      You made a point dear, I’m not an Igbo person but from what I read here the governor has to do something and again people should know the type of person they vote for power not someone that will use power and turn to tiger to his people, thank God for the good governor of Enugu State.

    • Jay Z

      August 5, 2021 at 11:52 pm

      Well it’s a thing of tears that people intentionally want to kill their self with their desire for unmerited wealth I’m an indigene of Ndiagu owo and I’m not only aware that the land is ours but I’m also letting you know that we and the so called Ashishi owo people share a common and natural boundary and being Idodo river which they’re now crossing( trespassing) over to our property with the intention that they’ll kill us all because they feel we’re three times smaller than them they’re also think their evil seed if suppressed now will re germinate when their brother becomes Governor I do wish him well with the best odds and luck but promise to see to his down fall if he has any ulterior motive of being a participant to this evil counsel of the so called unfortunate and low life Igwe Okeke Arum..
      we are known for peace and dialogue please I’m not trying to make it sound good to you but I’ll urge you to please take a short trip to Owo and make your research as it may please you to.
      We urge you our brothers and sisters of Enugu State to help us tell them to let us be and let peace rain cos we will stop at both nothing and never in the fight of guiding our home.. Udodiri unu

  2. Ejike Patrick O

    August 5, 2021 at 6:35 am

    My governor we thank you for your act of love and mercy that you have show to us may God in his richness bless you that you will be a symbol of blessing and extend your years on Earth THANK YOU SIR

  3. simon nome

    August 5, 2021 at 7:15 am

    Any form of injustice will not be acceptable in Enugu state and Owo as general take note

  4. Chukwuemeka Ani

    August 5, 2021 at 8:16 am

    On the contrary this exactly what igwe okeke Arum a.k.a egbe evumbe and Asisi Owo did to my people, I hail from Amechi Idodo, but we showed him pepper.
    Because they all believed that the next governor of Enugu state most come from Asisi Owo village, he mentioned that no body including the present governor of Enugu state Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi will not stop them, but what happened at last he ran for his dear life, there’re doing it in the sense that that village called Ndiagu Owo is very small and they’re not in government.

    Moreover, I thought that governor Ugwu had quench the fire.
    With all do respect my honorable God, please use the power in your office to rescue the people of Ndiagu Owo, because they’re minority. This people call Asisi, Mbulu as autonomous community are evil in entire Nkanu as a whole.

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FG and Labour Unions Agree on ₦70,000 Minimum Wage—Minister Announces

In his Democracy Day speech on June 12, 2024, the President had assured that an executive bill proposing the new national minimum wage for workers would soon be forwarded to the National Assembly for passage.




Bola Tinubu

In a significant development for Nigerian workers, the Federal Government has reached an agreement with Organised Labour on a new minimum wage of ₦70,000. The announcement was made by the Minister of Information, Mohammed Idris, following a crucial meeting held in Abuja on Thursday.

The meeting, which included President Bola Tinubu and leaders from the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), resulted in the breakthrough decision. “We are happy to announce today (Thursday) that both the Organised Labour and the Federal Government have agreed on an increase on the ₦62,000 minimum wage. The new national minimum that Mr President is expected to submit to the National Assembly is ₦70,000,” said a visibly elated Idris to the State House correspondents.

The announcement was further endorsed by the presence of notable figures such as NLC President Joe Ajaero, TUC boss Festus Osifo, and Labour Minister Nkiruka Onyejeocha. These officials flanked the minister as he broke the news.

Joe Ajaero confirmed this agreement, stating, “₦70,000 was where we were on the issue of the minimum wage.” He emphasized that the minimum wage is set to be reviewed every three years, moving away from the erstwhile five-year period. “What they have announced in terms of the amount of ₦70,000 happens to be where we are now. But we will not wait for another five years to come and agree,” Ajaero reiterated.


In turn, Onyejeocha revealed that President Tinubu has instructed the Ministers of Finance and Budget, Wale Edun and Atiku Bagudu, to devise strategies to address ongoing disputes, particularly concerning the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions (NASU).

This landmark agreement follows a prolonged series of discussions between labour leaders and the President over recent weeks, succeeding months of unproductive negotiations with a tripartite committee on the minimum wage, constituted by President Tinubu in January.

The tripartite committee, encompassing representatives from state and federal governments and the Organised Private Sector, had proposed ₦62,000. However, labour unions had staunchly demanded ₦250,000, recognizing the current ₦30,000 wage as unsustainable given the country’s economic conditions, including inflation and the high cost of living spurred by the removal of the petrol subsidy.

During last Thursday’s meeting, Tinubu called for realistic expectations regarding the minimum wage, saying, “You have to cut your coat according to available cloth. Before we can finalize the minimum wage process, we have to look at the structure.”

In his Democracy Day speech on June 12, 2024, the President had assured that an executive bill proposing the new national minimum wage for workers would soon be forwarded to the National Assembly for passage.


Confirming this on Thursday, the information minister stated that the ₦70,000 “agreed” amount would be communicated to the National Assembly in the coming days, signaling a prompt follow-up to the decision reached.

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EEDC Commends TCN for Its Support Towards Efficient Service Delivery




▪️Ferdinand Agu

Enugu, Nigeria – The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC (EEDC) has lauded the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) for its invaluable assistance in ensuring network stability and enhancing service quality across the South East. This commendation underscores the significance of cooperation between these key players in the Nigerian electricity sector.

During the second-quarter interface meeting held at the TCN Enugu region office over the past weekend, the Deputy Managing Director of EEDC, Dr. Ernest Mupwaya, expressed his appreciation. He emphasized the critical role TCN has played in helping EEDC address operational challenges and improve power supply to its customers.

Dr. Mupwaya, who led the EEDC delegation alongside Chief Technical Officer Engr. Vincent Ekwekwu and other senior management staff, highlighted the importance of these interface meetings. He noted, “The meetings have been incredibly useful in resolving operational challenges, thus enhancing the quality of supply to our customers.”


Further praising the relationship between the two organizations, Dr. Mupwaya described it as both cordial and fruitful. He reassured all stakeholders of EEDC’s commitment to ongoing collaboration with TCN to sustain and improve service delivery.

Representing TCN’s General Manager, Dr. Thomas Inugonum, the Assistant General Manager of TCN Enugu Region, Engr. Charles Iwuamadi, also spoke highly of the collaboration. Accompanied by the Regional Operations Manager, Engr. Anthony Akinuli, and other management staff, Engr. Iwuamadi reiterated the significant impact of these interface meetings.

Engr. Akinuli echoed these sentiments, pointing out the mutual benefits of the partnership. “If EEDC grows, part of the credit will come to TCN,” he stated, underscoring TCN’s commitment to supporting EEDC. He called for enhanced communication between the entities to ensure seamless operations and efficient service delivery.

The quarterly interface meeting, marking its second session for the year 2024, was instituted to foster collaboration between EEDC and TCN. This initiative focuses on reviewing operational activities and discussing challenges affecting network performance and customer service.

Through these regular interactions, both EEDC and TCN aim to synergize their efforts, ensuring that the electricity sector’s overall performance continues to improve. The ongoing dialogue and cooperation exemplify a shared passion for excellence and a commitment to meeting consumer needs.


By maintaining this collaborative relationship and addressing challenges head-on, EEDC and TCN are setting a precedent for how partnerships can drive growth and service improvement in the power sector.

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BHSO Old Boys Association Inaugurates Health Insurance Committee, Pledges N1 Million Support

“Your first task is to identify, assess, and select a capable insurance company to partner with for this project. This initiative underscores our dedication to providing quality healthcare services for all,” Chief Nnamede stated.




Chief Ambrose Nnamede

Ferdinand Agu (Enugu)

In a move towards enhancing the well-being of their members, the President General of Boys High School Ozalla (BHSO) Old Boys Association, Nkanu West LGA of Enugu State, Chief Ambrose Nnamede, this afternoon inaugurated the Health Insurance Committee of the body through a Zoom meeting. During this virtual event, Chief Nnamede read his address and offered words of encouragement to the committee, underscoring the association’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services for its members and their families.

“This moment marks a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance the well-being and security of our members and their families,” Chief Nnamede stated. “Your first task is to identify, assess, and select a capable insurance company to partner with for this project. This initiative underscores our dedication to providing quality healthcare services for all.”

The committee is tasked with creating a comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan, educating members on the plan’s benefits and health practices, efficiently managing insurance claims, and ensuring the plan’s financial sustainability. Regular assessments and stakeholder engagement will guide the committee’s progress towards fostering a healthier community.


Responding on behalf of the committee, Honourable Chijioke Ogbodo, the Deputy President General (DPG) of the association and Chairman of the committee, expressed his gratitude to the President General and the entire association for the confidence reposed in them. “We are honoured by this trust and will diligently work to meet and exceed the expectations set before us,” Honourable Ogbodo said. “Our commitment is to ensure that every member and their family can access quality healthcare services.”

In a gesture of significant support, Chief Nnamede pledged 1 million naira to the project, which will greatly bolster the committee’s efforts as they embark on this crucial initiative. This generous contribution exemplifies the association’s dedication to the well-being of its members.

The Health Insurance Committee comprises notable members, including the association’s Secretary General, Olisemeka Obi, who serves as the committee secretary; BoT Chairman, Chief Chris Arum; Pharmacist Vincent Nwani; Chief Magistrate Osondu Chukwuani; and Prince Chijioke Chukwuani. Each member brings valuable expertise and commitment to the table, promising a robust and effective approach to the project.

Honourable Ogbodo further emphasized the importance of the committee’s mission, stating, “Our work will not only provide immediate health benefits but will also build a foundation for long-term health security within our community. We are committed to making a tangible difference.” His dedication and leadership are expected to drive the committee towards achieving their goals efficiently and effectively.

The BHSO Old Boys Association’s initiative is a call to action for other associations and the wider society to prioritize health and well-being. “We encourage other associations to take similar steps towards ensuring the health and security of their members,” Chief Nnamede urged. “Healthcare is a fundamental need, and collective efforts can lead to substantial improvements.”

The inauguration of the Health Insurance Committee is a testament to Chief Ambrose Nnamede led Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the BHSO Old Boys Association’s proactive approach to member welfare. The committee’s efforts are poised to set a benchmark for other organizations aiming to enhance their members’ quality of life.


As the committee begins its work, the association looks forward to the positive impact this initiative will have on its members. The collective effort of the committee, supported by the generous pledge from the President General, promises a brighter, healthier future for all.

This inauguration marks the beginning of a transformative journey for the BHSO Old Boys Association. The focus on health insurance reflects a broader commitment to comprehensive member welfare, setting a powerful example for other organizations to follow.

Chief Nnamede reiterated the association’s commitment, “Together, we will make a difference in our members’ lives. This is just the beginning, and we are confident that with the dedication of our committee, we will achieve our goals and more.” GMTNewsng


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